Measure the Immeasurable

SecurityInsecureWorld…there has always been that piece of information that you could never quite put your finger on.

It is that particular information that helps you make accurate, intelligent decisions in real time to improve your overall operations. Up until now, you did not have the information that was needed to achieve your goals.

With Singularity®, now you can measure the once immeasurable. Singularity® makes this possible through the use of ZMB DnA’s proprietary and patent pending zMat® sensor technology. From the zMat®, Singularity® takes the data generated and provides real-time intelligence insight. For the first time, you can capitalize on the data generated through the analysis that will provide you with actionable intelligence. This can be applied to security, marketing and sales, and operations.

Singularity® delivers an unprecedented vision of your environment and it is all just a fingertip away.


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