Peak Performance

Your employees are the ambassadors of your company. It is their actions that present the image of what your company is or is not. How can you create the most dynamic and efficient organization? In the past you couldn’t get real time data that truly analyzed employee behavior and specific KPIs. Now with Singularity Data Analytics supported by zMat, you will be able to concentrate on areas that need the focus and training.

Achieve non-invasive data analysis on operations personnel enabling you to train employees to be more responsive and efficient. When your team operates with the highest performance levels, you will see demonstrated increase in revenue and decrease in costs. You will retain employees and have less attrition.

Regressive, current, predictive. Singularity gives you historical and real time data that can be a resource for predicting and guiding performance on a broad spectrum of employees, additionally you can analyze team and intra-team performance, and down to a granular level by each employee.

The number one way to grow your business is to have employees who operate with excellence. Singularity is a ground breaking profit based security system, that strengthens marketing and sales strategies while increasing operational efficiencies.