Security in an Insecure World

Security In An Insecure World

When was the last time you felt completely confident in your security measures?

While you hope you never have a potential severe emergency situation, you must be prepared to detect security failures at any level. This could be something as simple as tailgating, a fire, property theft, or as extreme as an overt forced breach. Today, the safety umbrella you provide for the population under your influence is a top priority for every security professional.

zMat coupled with our unique application of RFID enables Singularity to detect any physical breach of your security perimeter. RFID removes the traditional need for user interaction with a security system. Singularity detects security breaches in real-time because of the data provided by zMat and RFID.

Singularity categorizes the population in three ways: knowns – anyone who has been through a background check; known-unknowns – guests; unknowns – the ones you want to detect.

Singularity’s User Interface allows any authorized device with a web browser to access the required information to respond to any security situation. Who, what, when, where and how many… can be provided in real-time to emergency personnel enabling a quicker minimal impact resolution. Now the u